"I have what you'd call a life... every day of my life."

You're down there shooting blanks from broken guns...
You fire all day long and still not hit a fucking one.
Don't wanna know what some sick stripper fuck considers fun...
Prob'ly throw a party, served melted ice cream over crumbs.

- Crumbs, by Ministry

December 2006


After a too-long wait, Episode Two of Charlie Sev is complete.

Episode Two begins the first of the XXX-rated chapters and shouldn't be viewed by minors or those squeamish about rape.

Episode Three should be completed by the end of December or the early part of the new year. Stay tuned for more Charlie-related news.

November 2006


Charlie Sev is online now for your perusement. Charlie Sev is a violent, vulgar, sexually explicit jerk and should be considered Rated NC-17 and dangerous.

There's only one chapter for now, but more is coming. Charlie also updates his lazy ass about once a month, whenever a new episode is done. The archive can be found here.

October 2006


Charlie Sev will come your way soon... folks at home, stay tuned to this unholy station.

Charlie Sev - coming November

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