Born Fuzzy - From conception to ending.

Born Fuzzy is something that I did for both the practice, and the release.

Originally I had decided one day while at work that I was horrible at drawing animals. Therefore, I decided to fix this problem, by doing a miniseries based entirely on animals. It was a way to test myself and to work out my own particular style of drawing animals, so that in the future, I wouldn't be drawing such awful ones. And voila, Born Fuzzy was born. Two dogs, a few strips, and not much heavy thought put into it.

Considering that I was purely experimenting, I decided to go with color on it, too, instead of my usual greyscale technique. Bringing in a few things I learned and had taught myself on various other projects, I worked out a style that's both workable, and unique to Born Fuzzy, something I always strive to do with my projects. I also felt that a quick side project would do me good... something to get away from the usual stuff I was working on at the time and try something different. It's nice to try new things every once in a while.

Although there's not much to it at all, I submit to you anyway, the entirety of Born Fuzzy. Should be an interesting diversion, at any rate. =)

- Kevin

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